The Dissidents, The Dissidents, 2016
vgl. auch/cf. as well: Men what a humble word

cf. The Dissidents. Groups. Oops! Show off your naivety, maybe? I never understood groups, or better I never was part of a group. Basically I don't know groups. I associate them with conversations settling only on the lowest common denominator. Phrases like you or we or even more implausible everything will be fine. Or power maybe? For some. And now everyone I kind of trust talks about communes again. Is this the way out? Will I end up in a commune? A happy commune, even? Be happy then? Will you? How come there's puke again? Delicately applied. Colourful puke. Licking, then permeating the glass. No breakfast. We didn't have breakfast. The Dissidents is the dissident coming with a rock/punk band's 's'. He's puking a little bit. Oops!