cf. Honey ears. Pig’s ears. Dog treats. Goodies. Good for their teeth. Tears?? You brushed your teeth? Frieze?? Frustrate (such an 80ies verb). Drink tea. Be needy. Or bland. Own a teapot. My hands shake. I am. I cannot. Something's dying. It's bad. Dad?? No breakfast/Future. Or did we? Barely? Why comply? We didn't have breakfast. Apparently. Talk about photography. Pig’s ears on pigment prints. Honey ears. Some to look at. Why texts? Debts?? Talk about death. Death, putting it all in perspective. Care. Weakness. Joy. Empathy. Family? They prefer dogs to babies in New York. Breathe. Be a funny mom. You're delicate. You hate 'n need. You're passive aggressive. They are beautiful. Seem old-fashioned. Single dead pig’s ears. All innocence. Honey! Ancient and wise. Instincts. Blue romantic still lifes. Goofy. All feel. All real. Soldiers are treated like dogs. Old men look like dogs. Fuck Young-Girls. Have a goodie. I feed you goodies. I'll make you happy. Not gonna teach you anything. You like goodies? Yeah, here you go! You want some more, and more, and more, and more. Yes, Thank you and Fuck you sound all alike. And again you cannot remove my cold wet sweat or is it saliva? More or less wan, pastel colours are of interest formally. William Wegman's funny. And Roberta Smith thinks William Wegman's funny. He uses different colours, though. I like mauve and pissy-yellow, shades of girly pink and beige, maybe blue (I love you!), hues of green (What do you mean?) and hints of grey (Please stay!). Crawl! You want goo-dies?
Inducement, Inducement, Inducement, Inducement, Inducement, Inducement, Inducement, Inducement, 2016
vgl. auch/cf. as well: Be a funny mom