Head of a Partisan, 2015
vgl. auch/cf. as well: Keep All Your Friends

cf. Head of a Partisan Head of a Partisan. 2x. Eventually also add text, only a few words, maybe repeated and accompanied by fragile symbols or other dingbats? More icing? It's hot. Don’t ruin it. They care. They sweat. They matter. Are you? And let them puke! Heads ache. Their body heat leaks, individually, how unique, as sexy, scentless, tactile drops of sweat which again you will not be able to remove. Smooth-On Crystal Clear 202 Water Clear Urethane Casting Resin made specifically for applications that require clarity.. And where are you? It didn't rain. They sweat and puke. Pure porous partisans bleeding from within. Nervous colourful puke. (Birthday) Party colours gone awry, go licking, permeating the glass. Keep all your friends. They are distressed and porous, two puking partisans I don't know, but would love to. Tender, rife with hate, inappropriate, betrayed, unadapted, lonely and sad, so out of time, out of anything, sexy even, or only therefore. You could take my breath. You took my breath away. Breakfast? My head aches. I'll fail you too. Hold my head, my hand. My hand against, my hand against glass, licking.. I am nervous. I sweat and puke. How was breakfast? How about breakfast? Let me sweat! Let me puke! Heads