I did love you once. I did did.

At Frieze Lisa Holzer I am young here here1 will show nine pictures, which previously were on view in her solo exhibition I did love you once at Emanuel Layr, at the beginning of summer, in June this year (you'll find the accompanying text if you scroll down here: http://www.emanuellayr.com/exhibition/lisa-holzer-i-did-love-you-once-2/). Except one, these works stem from the sentence It's my hair and I can do what I want with it! borrowed from Tiqqun's Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl, which I should have read already in 1999, or are nude monochrome's naked dreams.

Perhaps their restaging here, to smoothly perform besides Philipp Timischl (b. 1989!) and at Frieze, GET READY FOR FRIEZE2, and in London and their needy desire to seduce, maybe change hands and be featured online against austere white backgrounds, with textual information in Times New Roman font, made the artist as young-girl here here, and the works, young-girls themselves, ill at ease, that is pretty nervous, stressed out, you may say.

Or perhaps only being young-girls and performing as such once again after a rather warm summer at least in Berlin lead them to party too much, show off their vulnerability and affective capacity of reinventing themselves, become versions, become other to seduce even more, or perform their moodiness or fatigue? Maybe they become tired and slightly embarrassed, porous of unceasingly being young, young-girls.

Or it's only a conceptual operation or deviation by the artist I am young here here to emphasize a certain literal instability or, if you will, a quite timely elasticity, of the image.

Anyway, they all drink too much3, drink too much champagne, and consequently, sensing how to become ‘unique’ here here, they spill it, are stained with champagne (did you notice how nicely ‘champagne’ melts into the works captions). One pales. Others blush beautifully in bright orange red, baby blue, mint green or gentle mauve, or shake a little or both, and/or are again taken by another naked dream with Ei passing under spaghetti. Two, girly-like shy rather than ashamed, coyly hide behind each other. Others even pass out. And they are young and hot and know it. And no one complains. Their girly ways and body heat are framed beautifully, and leak, individually, how unique, as sexy, scentless, tactile drops of sweat my hand against my hand against, which you will not be able to remove. Nor will you be able to appreciate it, really, if you'll only meet them online.

I did love you once is a Hamlet quote and the opener for Tiqqun's Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl, which I should have read already in 1999.

Although it would be sillily appropriate here here as well, Lisa Holzer will not perform My hand cooking and photographing single spaghetti against transparent milky surfaces my hand against my hand against.

Note: Contrary to their first appearance, where somehow some of the pictures had coloured fingerprints on the glass' surfaces of their frames matching the colours on the prints beneath, here some images happen to have coloured finger prints or wisps within their picture plane both disturbing and underlining, their genuine flatness. And it may only be, how romantic, dirt of old works on young ones in sometimes almost matching colours you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. And we are young and hot and know it. And we sweat. And everything's ensnarled and lumps and thus is relentlessly hopeless, hopeless rather than romantic. Fuck young girls. my hand against my hand against

Lisa Holzer

1I did never feel more desperate than when I was 25.

2Autumn is in the air and with just under a month to go until Frieze Masters and Frieze London, it's time to prepare for your visit.

3But I think also people drink too much to really cause a revolution. They get too drunk, and they cannot do anything. Emily Sundblad in WELCOME TO THE TATE CAFÉ a conversation between Merlin Carpenter, Emily Sundblad and John Kelsey. Paris, March 2012

Accompanying text to I did love you once. I di d did. presented at Frieze Art Fair, Focus, Booth G20, Oct. 14.- 18. 2014