Keep All Your Friends

Keep All Your Friends assembles The Pretty GirlThe Man Who Is UnhappyThe Man Who Is UnhappyThe Man Who Is UnhappyThe Man Who Is UnhappyHead of a PartisanHead of a Partisan and All Alone. All pictures are pigment prints on cotton paper, framed in exclusive white varnished frames.

All sweat more or less heavily. Body heat leaks, individually, how unique, as sexy, scentless, tactile drops of sweat which again you will not be able to remove. It's hot. Or did it rain? They don't blush. The partisans puke. Are you? Let them puke! Pure porous partisans bleeding from within. Nervous, colourful puke. The Pretty Girl, The Man Who Is Unhappy, The Man Who Is Unhappy, The Man Who Is Unhappy, and The Man Who Is Unhappy are bound together by colour, shades of dead wan yellow, the colour of peeled bananas, spaghetti and Michel Houellebecq's hair or as here Go Blonder shampoo and creamy camembert.

All titles are borrowed from works by Jean Fautrier of the 1940s and 50s, while Keep All Your Friends is the title of a song by Art&Language and the Red Krayola from their 1975 album Corrected Slogans. Maybe the artist will perform Woman Doing Her Hair during the opening. I am nervous. I sweat and puke. You? You could take my breath. You took my breath away. Breakfast? So, how about breakfast? Fine. What will you have? For breakfast. Tell me what you have. It didn't rain. I'll fail you too. So please, come!

Accompanying text to Keep All Your Friends, Rowing, London